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Secrets of Profitable Investors & Traders

You want to grow your money and create additional sources of income for yourself.

You read about investment and trading online and may have even attended some seminars and courses but you still find yourself struggling to connect the dots to make "kopi" money and create more freedom for yourself.

You could have tried some or too many isolated techniques that failed to make the mark.

You've thought it more times than you can count: how can I make it work.

Each time you have a bit of hope that you've learned an investment or trading strategy that's truly legitimate, you end up getting crushed by the market. And you feel sorely disappointed and dejected.

Or you simply do not have the confidence to enter the market without a proven track record.

All that effort and all that time and commitment, and you're still no closer to your goal of being consistently profitable. It's disheartening.But you've missed the most obvious solution of all.

If you know that 95% of traders/investors lose, then it's obvious that the only way to make money is to do the opposite of 95% of traders/investors.

We understand your situation because we have been there before. Your situation is about to change.

Because there's one financial professional who is not trading in the same way as the 95%. In fact, he's literally doing the exact opposite of what they do. And he's developed a very structured strategy of doing it.

  • Create Additional Sources of Income
  • Retire Early and Make Work a Choice Instead of a Need
  • Let Their Money Work Harder And Grow Your Wealth Faster Than Average
  • Do Not Have Enough Knowledge to Connect the Dots and Profit From the Financial Markets
  • Tried Different Investment & Trading Strategies but Did Not Work out for You
  • Do Not Have the Confidence to Trade & Invest on Your Own

Are You Going Through This?

Most People Are Looking to..


You Want to Grow Your Wealth

Are you doing what Successful Investor do?

Tested & Proven Strategy Gives You The Confidence to Enter

Discover the Secrets of Capturing Market Tops and Bottoms with High Accuracy and Consistency

  • Applicable to Investors and Traders
  • Techniques applies to stock, forex and commodities markets
  • Applies to buying and short selling of the markets
  • Applies to short term trading to long term investments

Strategies Application

Many of Our Students Use Just This 1 Key Strategy to Profit From the Market

US Stock - Buy Low Sell High

Singapore Stock - Buy Low Sell High

FOREX GBP/AUD- Buy Low Sell High

FOREX USD/CAD- Sell High Buy Low

FOREX GBP/AUD- Sell High Buy Low


Secret Investment & Trading Techniques

That Top Fund Managers Use

Course Adapted From Sought After Book

  • Secrets behind mastering the technique of buying low and selling high
  • Discover how to screen for the highest probability stocks/currency to profit from using certain key chart patterns
  • Learn about this single chart pattern trading strategy that let you trade with deadly accuracy
  • And Much More..

What You Will Learn in This 2 Hrs Introductory Course

About the Founder

Mr. Brian Lam

5 years ago, Brian was a stock broker with thousands of clients under his care. Besides being a stock broker, Brian is a professional trader. Many of his clients took his trading advice and created a substantial amount of wealth from it.

As the market turned sideways, trading became increasing difficult them. Many of his clients requested Brian to teach them how to trade profitably rather than a one-time advice.

Thus Pro Traders Code was setup.

Why Participants Rave Over This Workshop

"Brian taught me a lot of different trading methods which I never come across. Brian is a responsible and helpful coach. I would highly recommend this course to my friends. ”

Wayne, IT specialist

"An excellent course. It equipped trader with tools and strategies to trade more confidently. Brian Lam is a very patient guy, he will repeat and showed examples until it get into your head. A very good teacher indeed! I can use the tools and strategies for stocks as well as Forex. A very well organized course suitable for new and experienced traders. Will definitely recommend this course to interested people.”

Harold , Retiree

"Brian's course is excellent. The strategies are simple to follow even for new traders. He emphasises not just on the trading method, but also a lot on trading psychology and money management which are equally important. Brian walks the talk. He is an excellent trader and willingly shares his knowledge with his students. "

Adrian Tan, Admin Manager

"Even as a financial professional in the industry for more than 7 years, I still benefited a lot on the different strategies taught in the course. This is a must attend course for those wanting to grow their wealth through self managing their investment.”

Tan Geng Hui

Financial Professional Turned Entrepreneur

"Within the week after the course I made a trade following what was discussed in the course and profited $958. That is 320% return on the risk taken. All smiles."

Jeremy Nah,

Ex-bank Manager Turned Trader

Be Among the TOP Traders & Investors that are Profitable


The First Step to Any Success is Taking Action

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